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THOR Weekend - Mega, SAS, & US Eastern Series  - 9/12/2021
Muddy Creek Raceway - Blountville, TN
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Girls (9-13) District 13PRO TEAM PITBIKE
VET AMATEUR 25+ (USE)51cc 4-6yrs stock
51cc 7-8yrs stock51cc stock Multi Spd/Shaft Dr
51cc Open 5-8 yrs stock51cc Beginner (Mega Only)
65cc D 6-11 yrs (Mega Only)65cc 7-9yrs
65cc 10-11yrs65cc Unlimited 7-11 yrs
85cc D 9-15 yrs (Mega Only)85cc 9-13 yrs
85cc 9-11 yrs85cc 12-15 yrs
Super Mini 12-16 yrsWomen 12+ 99-250cc
Schoolboy 1Schoolboy 2
250 D (Mega Only)250 C
OPEN B250 All-Star A/B
125 2 Stroke Amateur450 D (Mega Only)
450 C450 All-Star A/B
Unlimited C/DCollegeboy 14-24 yrs
20+25+ (trophy only)
30+ (trophy only)35+
60+ (MEGA only)"VetMX Warrior Class"
ATV ExpertATV Amateur
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