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OSSRG TT Scrambles Championship Series 2023
Please Select a Class from the List Below
All Classes
2C Classic 250 Nov6A Scrambles 500 Exp
7A Scrambles Heavyweight Exp7B Scrambles Heavyweight Int
7C Scrambles Heavyweight Nov9A Sports 250 Exp
9B Sports 250 Int9C Sports 250 Nov
12A MoM 125 VMX Exp12B MoM 125 VMX Int
15A 50+ Exp16A 60+ Exp
16B 60+ Int16C 60+ Nov
17A 70+ Exp17C 70+ Nov
20B MoM 125 PVMX Int20C MoM 125 PVMX Nov
21A 250 Historic Exp22A 500 Historic Exp
23B 4-Stroke Historic Int24A Post-Vintage Open Exp
24B Post-Vintage Open Int24C Post-Vintage Open Nov
25A Modern Support Exp25B Modern Support Int
25C Modern Support Nov26A Womens Modern Support Exp
26B Womens Modern Support Int26C Womens Modern Support Nov
62A Modern Support 50+ Exp62B Modern Support 50+ Int
62C Modern Support 50+ Nov65A Modern Support 60+ Exp
65B Modern Support 60+ Int65C Modern Support 60+ Nov
64 Dual Sport66 Family OPEN Class
27A Quad Exp27B Quad Int
27C Quad Nov28 Womens Quad Open
29 Quad Mini 50-90cc60 Quad Youth 250cc
30 Sidecar31 200-230cc 4-Stroke
36A Adult STOCK 0-140cc Exp36B Adult STOCK 0-140cc Int
36C Adult STOCK 0-140cc Nov37A Adult MODIFIED 0-140cc Exp
37B Adult MODIFIED 0-140cc Int38 Adult SUPER MINI
40 Womens Adult Mini41 Adult CRF-150F STOCK
45 Kids PW50/CRF50/TTR50 4-646 Kids 50cc 6-9 Chain Driven
47 Kids 65cc 7-1148 Kids 85cc +Odd Sizes 10-15
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